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General partner

Publicity of your logo as a “General partner” in the biggest format possible:

  • on websites and,
  • on social media and advertisement in newspaper, TV, radio and other upcoming events that are promoting the „KVĚTY 2018 – STOLETÝ PŘÍBĚH“ gallery,
  • in our ad video presenting the KVĚTY 2018 project,
  • on billboards over the whole city of Prague,
  • on our invitational cards either through internet or on a printed form,
  • in our catalogue, which presents our expositions with 1.000 printed pieces,
  • on a special banner hanging in our gallery throughout the whole exposition.

General partner will receive:

  • tickets and invitations to gallery for their relatives and business partners, the exact number will be set after our agreement,
  • 30% worth in art pieces by academic artist Boris Nosek depending on global worth of our partnership. Art pieces such as porcelain bowl set of your choice, coffee set, art prints, souvenirs , gifts and 20 catalogues

Project organizers

Boris Nosek

Academic artist Boris Nosek

logo-kvety-2018 AIA

AIA – Alternative Investment s.r.o. a KVĚTY 2018

Ing. Jarmila Hla Shwe, MBA, €FA
owner of a company
Politických vězňů 19
Praha 1, 110 00
mob.:+420 723 517 177

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